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Latest Avaya Products

Avaya J139 IP

The Avaya J139 IP Phone is a budget-friendly, introductory-level IP phone

Avaya J159

Avaya IX J159 IP Phone is an excellent option for businesses in Dubai, UAE,

Avaya J179

The competitively priced, high-performing Avaya J179 IP Phone

Avaya J189

Elevate the enterprise employee experience with the J189, a competitively priced, high-performing phone

Avaya K155

The Avaya K155 is a fast, powerful, Android™ based device engineered for audio and video quality. Equipped with Avaya communication SDK

Avaya K175

The user-friendly Avaya Vantage K175 comes on board with every other feature found on the Avaya K165, but with a camera.

Avaya B179

The Avaya B179 is a conference phone that will provide its users with a natural clear sound for more efficient conference calls.

Avaya B189

The Avaya B189 IP Conference Phone is the most sophisticated conference phone from Avaya and is specifically designed for r (Aura) networks.

Avaya B199

Avaya B199 IP Phone is a simple and powerful conferencing solution brings one-touch meeting .