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Since from 2000

About Kenma Technologies

We are award-winning specialists in voice communications, systems integration and managed services, maximizing the ICT investment of private and public organizations across the United Arab Emirates.


Most importantly, though, we are your partner when it comes to designing, delivering and developing your business communications. We closely work with you to understand your business goals, processes and culture. Then we build and support your integrated solution with network services, systems and applications that really meet your end user needs and commercial requirements.

Geo George

Managing Director


What We Do

Avaya Products

We provide a complete portfolio of business phones and communications endpoints from Avaya. We offer devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, and across campuses. We support in-office, mobile, remote, and video users.

Avaya phones are supported on Avaya Call Control platforms. We also have Open SIP phones that are compatible for third-party hosted call control platforms.


A work environment with no communication among the staffs are impractical even to visualize. This would lead to grave issues in terms of efficiency and the uncertainty to what’s going around. In today’s world, the importance to verbally communicate is as important as the ones that’s electronically communicated.

Kenma Technologies are here to deliver quality small business phone systems for companies in Dubai, UAE.

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